Friday, April 16, 2010

Reading Breakthrough?

I have been trying to find a series of stories that would spark Wilkin's interest in reading.  

The Magic School Bus
Richard Scarry
Dr. Seuss
Thomas the Tank Engine

Well, he loved all of those books, but not enough to read on his own.  

Wilkin adores the Pigeon books by Mo Willems, but the writing style is more a "Read It To Me" than an "I Can Read It," if you know what I mean.  Leonardo the Terrible Monster was a huge hit at our house, but again, more of a bedtime storybook than his style of reading.

Today at the library, while Wilkin was on a learning computer, I again was in search of something to spark his interest.  I just know that once he "gets it," he will take off.  I found the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, and I knew Wilkin would like them for three reasons: 

  1. easy words he already knows structured in easy-to-read sentences to build confidence; 
  2. hilarious but kid-friendly story lines; and
  3. very cute and funny illustrations.  
I checked out all 5 books they had available: Pigs Make Me Sneeze, I Love My New Toy!, Are You Ready to Play Outside?, Today I Will Fly!, and I Am Invited to a Party!

Wilkin started off wanting them read TO him.  Instead of arguing and saying, "you can read this yourself," I allowed Elisa to read them to him first on the way home from the library.  By the time we were almost home, Wilkin had read one book all by himself, giggling the whole way.  He earns two stickers in Inventor School for reading one book.  Today, he earned 10 stickers just for reading.

Could this be the reading breakthrough I've been praying for?  We'll see!  Stay tuned...

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Debbi said...

How exciting! I remember trying Dr. Seuss books with Matthew at that age. They were much harder than I realized, and definitely not the breakthrough books!