Monday, May 3, 2010

Elisa's Poem for Isabelle

We have friends who are battling leukemia with their daughter, Isabelle.

As I was preparing my grocery list for today, I turned a page in my notebook and found an acrostic poem written by my 9-year-old daughter after participating in Isabelle's fundraiser:


I love you
Saying "I love you" makes me smile
A warm hug makes me stronger
Being sick is no fun
Everybody is beautiful
Loving to the heart
Like a strong laugh
Eyes of warmth and grace

Sick with cancer
Isabelle Simmons
My life is a painful story
My life is a loving story
Outstanding life
Never the same
Save me Lord
-by Elisa Hatfield

Please pray for Isabelle and her parents, Tabitha and Ben.  More information on Isabelle and how to pray can be found here.


Debbi said...

WOW! (with a tear in my eye)

josie said...

What a kid!

Jim and Pam Hardenbrook said...

Beautiful poem. What a caring and creative granddaughter.