Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yesterday was a long day but I'm counting my blessings

1. Appointment with the "Ick" doctor to start my day
Blessing: I'm healthy and am old enough to be scheduled for an annual mammogram.  Thankful for a proactive doctor.

2. Had to make a really tough call in small group leadership
Blessing: Strong clarification and reiteration of the purpose of groups at Living Water, and a little bit of correction and discipline from God to me.  It's healthy and very helpful, even though it's painful sometimes.

3. Wilkin is invited to his former class's picnic and I make awkward small talk with his teacher and other moms about homeschooling
Blessing: I realize that it's OK that my son isn't reading The Boxcar Children books yet or not taking the "much more difficult" ITBS test rather than the CAT standardized test.  Wilkin is progressing just right for him and I'm going to continue to chill out and be proud of him where he is.

4. Wilkin slams into another kid at the class picnic and gets the worst gusher from his nose ever (he's had too many for me to count, but this one was pretty bad)
Blessing: Dr. Mowery was at the picnic with her son (not the poor kid on the other end of the collision, thank the Lord) and knows just what to do - palpated for fractures, he's fine.  Retains his sense of humor when he recounts the incident: "We were going in opposite directions, and that was toward each other."  Ice cream on the way home helps too.

5. We pick Elisa up from school and her sore throat is pretty definitely strep
Blessing: We get an appointment quickly at the pediatrician and get her first dose in her before dinner - hoping she can still play in soccer game on Saturday.  

6. Because of Elisa's infection, I cannot attend worship team practice, as I had promised
Blessing: I get to cuddle with my kids and pretend they are small again.  When Elisa feels sick, she wants her mommy.  When Wilkin is bleeding, he wants his mommy.  I've been reading books about helping my children transition into responsible pre-teens instead of simply obedient children.  Thinking of the looming tween and teen future sometimes makes my heart ache.  Days like yesterday remind me that I'm still needed - not just for the preparation for their next phase of childhood, but for the current one.  I can still provide tender comfort and they can still fit in my lap.

P.S. Wilkin woke up with a crick in his neck.  He can only look to the left and it hurts to even try to turn his head forward.  Probably either slept on it wrong or really whacked into that kid hard yesterday and gave a jolt to his spine.
Blessing: Our chiropractor is open on Saturdays.

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Caitlin said...

I'm glad you're counting your blessings!
I've been having regular mammograms since 2004--I have a scary family history. It's not the most fun thing, and younger women sometimes get flagged with questionable findings because our breast tissue is more dense (and thus hard to screen). If you don't get the all-clear on this one, feel free to ask me about it--I've been through half a dozen scares, and I know what the path is like.